Dr M.U.P.K.Peris

Welcome to My site


Thank you for visiting my page.

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at the University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka.

My hobbies are Music Photography and Computing.

I am hoping to use this site to exchange views and knowledge with people like you. 

Below you find a useful programme , to write in Sinhala

Make sure to click on the File name( Pavana Setup.rar) and unzip and run the setup. If you have any difficulty in using this software I am happy to help you out.

The font that lies below is made by me and free to use with the Pavana Writing System.

Pavana Writing System was created by Chrismal Panditharathne some time ago and it is unfortunate that it is now hard to find this software in the WWW.

There are several fonts that work with Pavana writing system. Search for Dusharnbi.ttf font in the google.

Pavana Setup.rar Pavana Setup.rar
Size : 89.58 Kb
Type : rar
Upal.ttf Upal.ttf
Size : 41.59 Kb
Type : ttf

 Below is a tribute to my mother. I recorded this song using Yamaha S 910. Vocals and additional fillups in the melody are by me.

Aadaraye ulpatha.mp3 Aadaraye ulpatha.mp3
Size : 2764.329 Kb
Type : mp3

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